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July 21-24 , 2022

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Tournament Entry

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Tournament Format

Tournament format for the 2022 Global Sports World Series Event:

  • 4 Day Event

  • Open to all Classifications

  • Elite World Series participating teams are ineligible to play

  • Ages 8 - 14

  • Limited to 24 teams per age group

  • 7 Game Guarantee - 4 pool play followed by GSWS multiple modified double elimination brackets.

    • 2 pool games Thursday ​

    • 2 pool games Friday 

    • 2 Championship games Saturday 

    • At least 1 game Sunday

  • Multiple World Series Champions 

  • 650 USSSA points for Champions

  • Great Awards 

  • Opening Ceremonies/Skills Competition held at the brand new Triumph Park  in Waukee!

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Tentative Itinerary 


Opening Day Activities -

Wednesday, July 20

Location: Triumph Park 

700 NW Douglas Pkwy 

Waukee, IA  50263

Team Check-In (all ages) | 2:00PM

Skills Competition & Pin Trading | 2:00PM

Team Picnic | 4-5 PM

Opening Ceremonies & Parade of Teams | 5-6PM


JULY 20, 2022

2:00PM - 4:00PM 


The overall objective of the skills competition is to have every player on each team participate and enjoy the social interaction of this tremendous event. No player may enter more than one event


Round The Horn- (5 Players)


5 (five) players from a team will participate in this event. Catcher will throw the ball to the 3rd baseman who will be located on 3rd base, 3rd will throw to the 2nd baseman who will be located on 2nd, 2nd will throw to 1st, who will be located on 1st, 1st will throw to the shortstop who will be located on 2nd, then the shortstop will throw the ball home to the catcher who will be located on home plate. Time starts when the catcher is told to go and ends when the catcher has control of the ball thrown by the shortstop. The ball and clock are live from start to finish so all over throws are live.  The ball may not be advanced to next position until player has caught the ball and touched the base.



Accuracy Throw - (3 Players)


Three (3) players on each team can participate. Each player will get five (5) throws to hit the target. Players must throw behind the marked position on the field.  Players will be awarded one (1) point for the ball going between the left hand and right hand batter’s box, and three (3) points for the ball going over home plate or between the batter’s boxes



Base Running - (4 Players)


Four (4) players from each team will be allowed to participate.    Each player will start inside the batter’s box and run the bases.  Time will start on first step and end when touching home plate.  Any additional player who has not participated in any event can participate.

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Triumph Park 

700 NW Douglas Pkwy
Waukee, IA 50263

James Cownie Sports Complex

SE 22nd & East Hartford

Des Moines, IA

Holiday Park

1620 Holiday Park Road

West Des Moines, IA

Prairie Ridge

Sports Comlex

1510 NW Ash Drive

Ankeny, IA



  • Pool Play: 1:45

  • Bracket Play: 1:45

  • Championship games in bracket play: No time limit.


  • Pool Play: Flip coin

  • Bracket Play and Championship Play: Higher seed has choice


  • Pool Play: Yes


  1. If game is tied after time limit has elapsed, teams will play additional inning(s) with the following rule:

  2. Each team will place the last two players who batted from the line-up the previous inning on 2nd and 3rd base (last batter on 2nd base and 2nd to last batter on 3rd base).

  3. The inning will start with one out.

  4. The game will continue with this format until a winner is declared.

  5. This rule is not in effect for the championship game only.


  • Teams may bat 9, 9 with an EH or the entire line-up. Coaches must declare their line-up to the opposing score keeper before the start of the game. NO DH.


  • Balks will be called with no warnings 

  • 8.05.C.1 ONE DAY MAXIMUM TO PITCH THE THE NEXT DAY:  The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day and still pitch the next day.

  • 8.05.C.2 ONE DAY MAXIMUM: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day.

  • 8.05.C.3 THREE DAY MAXIMUM: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in three (3) consecutive days.


  • 8.05.C.4(a) A player that pitches more than three (3) innings in one day MUST rest the next day.

  • 8.05.C.4(b) A player that pitches eight (8) innings in two (2) consecutive days MUST rest the next day.

  • 8.08.C.4(c) A player that pitches eight (8) innings in three (3) consecutive days MUST rest the next day.

  • 8.08.C.4(d) A player that pitches three (3) consecutive days (regardless of total quantity of innings pitched) MUST rest the next day.

  • 8.05.C.5 For all cumulative totals in this rule, one (1) out equals one-third (1/3) of an inning, two (2) outs equals two-thirds (2/3) of an inning and three (3) outs equals one (1) full inning. A pitcher that pitches in a game and records no outs is not charged with any innings pitched. 


Pickard Park

1457 Iowa 92

Indianola, IA

Raccoon River Park

2500 Grand Ave

W. Des Moines, IA





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